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Event Recap – The Baby Shower

Over these coming months, I am going to share a little more insight in to past events that we have designed, planned and produced. I will share some of the “non professional” shots that give a realistic feel to the event, as well as some of the behind the scenes pictues that I hope gives an idea of the work that goes in to the planning of an event.

First up, a special Baby Shower created at The Arts Club in Central London. 

This one came together in a two week period having been asked to come on board and work with a lovely set of ladies who wanted to create something special for their close friend.

The space at the venue was stunning and as is the case when you are presented with a wonderful space to work with, best to enhance it rather than fight it (why would you anyway?)

Without knowing the sex of the baby we covered both bases with a selection of both pink and blue designs and created some cute finishing touches such as a custom designed logo, branded 3ft balloons and chocolate wrapper place cards.

Photography courtesey of Photograph the Day

Top 5 – Outdoor Venues, Weddings

Now the truth is this. Trying to list the top 5 anything can be hard – not least of which when it comes to talking about Wedding venues.

On top of this, there are of course many, many criteria that go in to the consideration of which venue might be right for you and so listing only 5 is somewhat unfair.

So, rather than strictly adhere to the idea of this being an all out “top 5” list – consider it a look at 5 spaces you might not have thought about when planning your wedding.






Both myself and the team would be delighted to hear from you, if you need some help and guidance with your own venue search – it would be our pleasure to help.

Come Rain or Shine

There are many couples who plan their Wedding around the seasons. Some love the idea of a Winter Wonderland setting for their special day, some prefer the warmth of a Summers eve.

However, a couple of key points to note no matter the what or when.

One of the only predictable things about the English weather is it’s unpredictability. If you have been successful in you search for a venue with outdoor space, whilst the temptation will be there to plan your wedding around an outdoor ceremony, even reception – don’t.

I always tell clients to view the outdoor space that they might have access to as an added bonus and something that, almost at the last minute, can be used if the weather allows for it.

There are of course, also general considerations for those events happening in the winter.

Where is the ceremony in relation to the main reception and dinner?

Is my ceremony venue heated?

Am I asking my guests to walk a mile from a car park in their heels – rain pounding and wind howling?

Are you the Bride, going to have to walk outside at all in your gleaming white dress?!

It’s much easier to take an event outdoors than it is to try and rush it in. Putting all of your eggs in to that one basket can leave you really disappointed on your most special of days, and that is a stress you don’t need!

So put simply, when choosing a venue, think carefully and take a half step back and take a big picture view.

Check out some of our favourite indoor and outdoor venue spaces in our other posts


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